5 Hairstyles that will Knock Years off Your Age Beautiful Styling

Jul 2016

It’s not a secret that a new haircut can make you feel fantastic.  But did you know that the right haircut can also knock years off your age?

5 Hairstyles that will Knock Years off Your Age

A new hairstyle can help hide wrinkles, define your jawline, and enhance your cheekbones. The best part? The effect is instant. Check out these five hairstyles that will instantly make you look more youthful!

1.  Get Swept Away
Side-swept bangs are everywhere.  A youthful look is the allure of this deep side part hairstyle. A full side-swept bang will not only frame your face and give your hair a fuller look but also make those unwanted forehead lines disappear faster than your next botox appointment.  Be sure to ask your hairstylist for soft side swept bangs that gradually blend into the rest of your hair—they’re the most universally flattering, not to mention one of the best anti-aging bang styles.

2. Love the Layered Lob
For many women, milestone birthdays bring some much-needed change, especially the big ones. And often times when we are looking for a change, we turn to our hair.  The style you had in your twenties is probably not the best choice in your thirties and beyond, but who’s counting? Pick a style that is versatile and ageless like the layered lob. This shoulder-length cut can be styled to frame your face or edgy to express your personality. However you’re feeling this year, the lob is sure to follow suit.  Be sure to ask your hair stylist for advice on how to style your lob to complement you.

3. Make Waves
Who says you have to cut your hair short when you reach a certain age?  There is definitely no guidebook on how to and not-to-do your hair as you age, but finding a flattering hairstyle can be tricky. Regardless of your age, if you have healthy hair then you can likely still rock a longer style. But take note that dry, damaged strands can give long, stick-straight hairstyles an aging effect. Soften your look by adding some layers and body to the ends. Waves or curls at the end of longer hairstyles can soften the face and add that much-needed texture for a more youthful look.

4. Get Framed 
Perimeter layering is a technique that frames the face. This look will highlight your best facial features, while also adding body to your hair. The layered look has a lifting effect on your face, while one-length, straight hair can give your face a droopy appearance. Your hair will appear healthier with unwanted weight and dead ends removed throughout your hair. Perimeter layering gives the appearance of full, luscious hair with seamless looking layers.

5. Take Sides
A middle part continues to be a popular trend, however, this style can create a harsh look on an aging face. For a more youthful look take sides and part your hair on the side to create a look with more volume and dimension. Also, the side part can do wonders for hiding those unwanted gray hairs.


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