Top Grooming Habits Every Man Needs to Know Handsome Grooming

Sep 2016

A lot of work goes into a well-groomed man, but who’s to say you can’t be one? Before you master the art of men’s grooming, start with these top grooming habits every man needs to know:

Top Grooming Habits Every Man Needs to Know

Developing a daily routine that is quick, simple and easy to stick with, will go a long way in helping you achieve your goals – whether it’s a new career, dating or just taming your unruly hair.

Stick to a Regular Trim Routine:
Haircuts are no different than working out at the gym. If you don’t plan it then it probably won’t happen.  For most men, that means a trim every four weeks but no longer than 6 weeks.

Stick to a regular trim routine by finding a salon that is convenient with flexible hours.  A huge help when you suddenly realize that the big job interview is tomorrow, and your hair looks like you’ve been stranded on a deserted island all summer.  What could be better?  A “no appointment needed” salon for those times when you need a quick haircut, on the way to that important interview or date.


Yes, Men Need Hair Products Too:
Think of men’s hair products like tools in your toolbox. The right tool for the job makes a big difference in successfully completely the task at hand.  Styling your hair is no different it should be simple, and it starts with having the right hair products.

First, understand your hair type.  Thinning, thick, unruly or somewhere in-between?  Hair products for men range from grooming cremes, waxes, gels and sprays to custom shampoo’s and conditioners and each one does a different job. Ask your hairstylists what is recommended for your needs and hair type, because the right hair products can make all the difference.

Don’t Forget the Neck:
Nothing and I repeat nothing, ruins your look more than unsightly neck hair on the nape of a perfectly dressed man.  Impeccable style is in the details.  Don’t forget the hair on the back of your neck must be shaved at least weekly in between your haircuts to maintain your overall look.

Stick to Your Look:
When you choose a certain hair style and facial hair combo, stick with it. It can be very easy to let your hair grow out, but try to keep up with your style; that will speak volumes about your grooming habits.

Grooming can be a hassle, but let’s face the facts, a great haircut, and other grooming practices can ultimately make you feel better, more confident and who knows you might just land that new job or new date!

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