Adjust The Bracket On A Folding Chaise Lounge Chair Design

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Rustic Folding Chaise Lounge Chair Style

Folding chaise lounge chair – folding chaise lounge chair are great for patio and pool. The headrest on chaise adjusts the brackets on the back of the head rail. When the brackets come loose or out of shape, the only adjustment you can make is to replace the adjustment brackets. For a more-adjustable chair, hooks purchase replacement brackets, which have eight adjustments instead of the four that are standard. Replacing brackets chaise lounges are available through the manufacturer and some home improvement centers.

Adjust the bracket on a folding chaise lounge chair, Fold the top of the chaise down to access the adjustment brackets. Remove the screws that secure the brackets to the folding chaise lounge chair over the list with a Phillips screwdriver. Line a new adjustment bracket lower mounting hole with an existing lowest mounting hole on the list. The adjustment bracket has three holes. The hooks of the adjustment bracket should be facing the top of the head rail.

Adjust the bracket on a folding chaise lounge chair, Mark remaining mounting holes on the list with a marker. Drilling new holes at the marks with a 1/8-inch drill. Place the new bracket on the head rail and fasten with screws. Repeat to the other side of the list.

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