All About The House Plans Open Concept Ranch

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Unique Ranch House Plans

House plans open concept ranch reached their peak of popularity in the 1960s when middle-class families were establishing themselves in suburban areas. The style of the house provides the necessary space for the growth of families to live comfortably. Ranch style homes were one of the first in American history to begin placing garages in the family home.

From the 1950s to the 1970s, long and spacious houses were seen for the first time in work stays. As they became popular in the United States, the recognizable features came to be known as “ranch house style”. A ranch-style home is one that has a low-pitched roof and large windows. Traditionally, the houses were single-story structures that are sitting on a concrete slab. Ranch style homes usually have a simple, open floor plan. Most have a living room and a formal room. A vaulted ceiling is common in the formal living room. A sliding door traditionally holds the patio.

Ranch style houses gained popularity among families who lived in suburban neighborhoods. The open floor plan that provides maximized space as well as a smooth flow to families for the transition from one room to another. Ranch style homes are beneficial for older homeowners, because they have conveniently attached garages, and, usually, they do not have stairs.

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