All About The Wood Bed Platforms

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Wood Platform Bed DIY

Wood bed platforms are a handy style of bedroom fittings. Although the earliest platform beds date back to the ancient Egyptians. Who used simple platforms to raise their mattresses above the floor. And, also European-Asian-influenced platform beds have become increasingly popular in the United States. Platform beds that incorporate built-in drawers are often called the bedmate or captain.

Beds of the support platform of springs or a futon mattress without the use of a box spring. However, some platform beds are low enough to accommodate a box spring under the mattress, if desired. Most platform beds use slats to support the mattress, although some may use a solid piece of plywood or fiberboard. Some mattresses, such as viscoelastic mattresses and water beds, may require the use of a solid platform bed, or an additional base for support.

Some platform beds include a headboard and/or footboard, while others simply use a platform. The headboard and feet can be purely decorative, or the platform bed can use a shelving header for additional storage. Some platform beds come with built-in storage drawers below the platform, while others have space for optional boxes or accessories below. Some platform beds are very low, with the mattress only a few inches off the ground, while others rise high enough to accommodate two rows of drawers below.

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