All About The Wood Raised Garden Bed

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Wood Raised Garden Bed DIY

Wood raised garden bed is a gardening style that can be used on several acres or in a small corner of your backyard. The shape of each bed can also vary. However, they are usually squares or rectangles and more often made of wood or plastic. But, a raised bed can be created from stone too. Because the garden is above ground level, it is convenient. And sometimes necessary, way of gardening, if you have a disability. Such as the use of a wheelchair or an affliction that makes it difficult to bend over.

An elevated garden not only makes it easier for the gardener to plant, weed and harvest the orchard, but it does so for a more orderly, more organized area. When planting at ground level you generally use the soil is already available, although you may have to adjust the nutritional value with fertilizer or fertilizer. With a raised bed, the floor is added to the frame. This gives you the opportunity to use the best garden soil that is already premixed.

The most traditional type of structure of the raised bed is made of wood. Wood is probably the most economical construction material to use, especially if you are planning a larger garden; 2-by-6-inch cedar is a good size and wood to use for this purpose. The boards can be stacked to create a superior bed. The boards can be nailed together in the square or rectangular shape.

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