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Cute Bohemian Style House Ideas

Bohemian style house – You can create a bohemian appearance using the appropriate furniture, upholstery, illustrations, lighting and decorative items. Derived from the unconventional and impoverished lifestyle of young people, artists and writers from Europe in the 1800s, the Bohemian decor features an eccentric and eclectic merchandise mix. These period and ornate furniture came together to create a cozy and luxurious atmosphere, accentuated by the unique conversation pieces.

Paint the walls in deep warm tones, brown, orange, red, purple and blue. According to the color scheme of the carpets and furniture upholstery. The aim of painting for a bohemian look is to give a warm ambient, cozy atmosphere, instead of the bright. Then, open space feeling that the pastel and lighter shades create.

Decorate your home with antiques and Victorian dark wood pieces upholstered in plush fabrics such as velvet, velvet and upholstery. And also add hammocks, armchairs, Turkish beds, trunks, nest tables, pedestal tables, book shelves and coffee tables for common living rooms. Then, decorate rooms with four-poster beds, benches and wardrobes. Highlight bathrooms with dressing tables, chairs and bathtubs with vintage legs. Place velvet, lace, or tapestry table runners plus tables. Place plush blankets over chairs and sofas. Add molded, velvet, or tapestry throw pillows to sofas, chairs, and beds. Accent rooms with oriental carpets and floral rugs or that collects colors on furniture or paint. Hang solid velvet, floral curtains or patterned tapestries.

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