Antique Chaise Lounge From Wood Photo

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Vintage Chaise Lounge Chair Indoor

Antique chaise lounge can add charm to any room. An antique daybed may need to be repaired. You can enhance the look of a worn-out piece for repairing damaged wood and by replacing the fabric and the padding, which is prone to mildew and insect damage over time.

Place the plastic once gloves to protect against splinters. Spread the tarp or old newspapers on the floor around the chaise. With the help of someone else, turn the Antique chaise lounge on his side, so that the wooden legs and the base is facing upwards. Sand by hand with 220 grit sandpaper, if wood is sensitive, or use an electric sander to sand wood in large areas where there are hairline cracks, cracks or rough, discolored patches. Sand in the direction of the grain. Remove the dust with a tack cloth or clean paintbrush. Glue lifted wood sections with wood glue and push back into place. Let dry. Fill out the gouges or cracks with wood putty. Let dry. Lightly sand with 150-grit sandpaper over repairs and remove dust with a brush. Stain wood with wood stain after sanding and repairs, with a similar color to the original Antique chaise lounge. Apply two coats of stain with a clean brush. Let the first coat dry before applying a second coat.

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