Attaching Outdoor Patio Gazebo With Metal

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Iron Outdoor Patio Gazebo

Outdoor Patio Gazebo – Outdoor gazebo are attractive and useful additions to your patio. Use anchor bolts to attach a gazebo with metal structure in a cement patio – so you will keep the wind and other weather saved. After the plugs are inserted into the ground, gazebo legs can be screwed directly on them. This type of technique will allow you to easily remove the gazebo to be stored, since the structure contains screw thread and removable nut.

Instructions for attaching outdoor patio gazebo with metal: 1) Mount the gazebo in the location patio you want, following the manufacturer’s instructions. 2) Place the leveler on one leg of the gazebo and make sure it is plumb. 3) Take the drill with a half-inch drill bit and attach it to the ready-made drilling in the gazebo leg base, so that it is leaning against the concrete. 4) Drill a hole in the surface where the leg should be attached. Place the gazebo leg to the side and let the hole on display. 5) Clean the hole using brush.

With the aid of the vacuum cleaner, remove any dust that may have left over. Place the adapter sleeve in the hole and secure it with the hammer. Remove the screw and replace the outdoor patio gazebo leg on the sleeve.

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