Awesome Case For Chaise Lounge Slipcover

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Custom Chaise Lounge Slipcover

Chaise lounge slipcover – When you buy a new sofa you wish to last as long as possible and you care for him comes the obsession: that nothing falls over, the children walked on? What do you think if was customized a quilt that we like to fit the couch? A quilt: the color of the sofa, for the parties to look, and the design of the room must be taken into account, of course. The first thing to do is put the quilt on the couch as we like to put it, far should measure the width of the chaise lounge slipcover and cut straight, leaving a centimeter for sewing. When we get to the corner where it intersects the seat next to him, cut straight down. We take the rectangle of fabric that we have cut and superimpose on the side of the chaise longue that we have left uncovered. We put up to the low we have left at the foot of the chaise longue, helping us with tape and leaving excess fabric on both sides, and we hold above with pins.

Once sewn, we make the holding with pins corner. To do this, we double the excess fabric and sewing just we hold with pins matching the hem so that it is us the straight fabric. Hold this part, we can only whet the corner with pins, making sure the tape measure is straight. Again, baste and sew with the machine. Let the other seats. All we have to do is upload the bass to match the chaise longue. To do this, we measure low that we have left and scored with bag. We cut leaving twice that measures centimeters wide hem of the quilt so that we stay the same. That is, if the hem of our quilt measures a centimeter and a half, we add three centimeters to low so that when you fold the fabric twice for hemming, we stay the same. We turned the canvas twice for hemming; we mark with pins, baste and sew with the sewing machine.
Now do the corner. To do this, we hold the remainder of that side for the hem as we have done before and we’re holding with pins, making sure the tape measure remains straight. Again, baste and sew with the machine. We return to the quilt and cut the excess fabric at the seams, leaving a centimeter or so. If it is a fabric fraying, you must hand sewing thread excess spending above. This time I have not done a seam before to avoid fraying because we have no margin of fabric for it. We have protected chaise lounge slipcover and one less worry.

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