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Baby Cribs Log

Baby Cribs – It is a practice that has fallen into disuse, but there is still some romantic father that houses the idea of making a crib for his baby with his own hands. You can be inspired by seeing some models, but if it is the first cradle you make, it is preferable to go to the simplest model. I have seen in ideas a fairly easy explanation on how to make a crib, to which we must add a dose of imagination and details of completion.

The first thing you need to know is that you need a solid wood like pine or beech. Then, that baby cribs are made up of five parts: the two sides, the two headboards, and the box spring. And that the standard measure is 120 x 60 cm. From there each one unfolds his imagination. Another fundamental part in the assembly of the furniture is the separation between the bars that must have exactly the same size so that the work is well finished.

Tomorrow will give you great satisfaction to see you sleep in the baby cribs you have made with your own hands. If you already consider yourself an expert you can take a look at these plans (something old) to make a colonial-style cradle and a hanging cradle that are now so fashionable. The latter does not seem complicated at all.

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