Ball Office Chair To Maintain Good Posture

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Ball Office Chair Back

Sit on a ball office chair during the entire workday, uncomfortable? No, healthy. Changing the chair of your office for this ball will help you take care of your back and your posture. Why is it good to work on a ball? The column is created to be in constant movement, so sitting on a ball, with an unstable surface, you are forced to be active, maintain good posture and, in this way, to take care of your back.

Therefore, using ball office chair as a regular chair at work has advantages: you want flexibility and toning of the abdominal area and lower joints. In addition, once out of work, this ball can be used as a fit ball, so it is a complete tool to get fit. The lower part of the ball has more density to ensure optimal support and the upper part has been created to be comfortable.

The cover that covers it is a fabric very similar to that used for running shoes, so it is breathable. When choosing one of these ball office chair as a chair you have to bear in mind that its diameter will depend on your height. You can choose between the 55 cm wellness ball for people up to 170 cm high and the 65 cm one for those who measure more than 170 cm.

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