Basic Design For Solid Wood Platform Bed Frames

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Solid Wood Platform Bed Frames – As indicated by Charles P. Rogers Beds, “Wooden platform beds are some of the oldest bed designs that are referenced in history.” Platform beds have a base that lifts the floor mattresses. These beds are not only functional, but the raised height of the floor also makes it easier to enter and leave the bed. And the base of the flat platform offers resistant support for the mattress, but the versatility of its design also makes them decorative.

Create a platform bed with a solid base. Use 2-by-12 solid wood boards to build a rectangular bed base. You will need four pieces cut to the dimensions of your bed size to make the exterior walls and a center piece to extend from the head to the foot of the bed to support its center. Screw the pieces together with wood screws, and then screw one to two plywood sheets one inch thick from the top of the base to make the mattress pad. The edge of the platform with 1 by 4 wood to frame the mattress.

Instead of a solid foundation, create a platform bed with four legs. Cut four pieces of

4-by-4 wood at your desired bed height to make the legs of the bed. Cut four pieces of wood 2 by 4 to build a base frame for the connection between the legs. Add another piece of wood 2 by 4 through the center of the frame from the head to the foot of the bed. Make use of the mattress platform from one to two sheets of 1-inch thick wood and frame your edges with 1-by-2-or 1-by-4 wood.

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