Beautiful Ideas Vintage Wedding Decorations

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Creative Vintage Wedding Decoration

Vintage wedding decorations – Flowers play an important role in most weddings. With its varied nuances, styles and aromas, flowers are naturally expressive and can increase the excitement of any wedding day, as well as making it easier to remember. In general, couples choose flowers carefully to coordinate with other elements of the wedding, including their color scheme. For a blue and light brown wedding, consider incorporating flowers that harmonize and complement with those colors.

Hydrangeas are one of the relatively few flowers that are naturally blue in color. That will match the blue colors of light used in other places of the wedding. With large, round, lush flowers consisting of many round florets, hydrangeas are a popular choice for floral arrangements of the wedding. A small amount of them goes a long way, and they look soft and romantic.

Chocolate cosmos are one of the few flowers that are naturally brown in their fresh state. These delicate, round flowers on smooth green, thin stems have a dark brown, chocolate hue, as well as a natural fragrance similar to chocolate. Chocolate cosmos are small and can be added to the arrangements, without overwhelming the other flowers. They harmonize with the brown tones used in other places of the wedding.

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