Beautiful Tuscan Curtains For Interior Home

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Tuscan Curtains Color

Tuscan curtains – is a region of central Italy, known for its beautiful architecture and breathtaking views of the country. Tuscan interiors are characterized by its rustic walls and its neutral palette accented with vivid colors and abundance of green plants. No matter the design of a Tuscan window treatment, almost all are made of white cotton with lace, draft or embroidery.

Drop coffee tuscan curtains in the lower half of a window, provides privacy without sacrificing eyesight. Tuscan style curtains are constructed of the same white cotton and generally decorated with lace edges, crochet appliqués or Renaissance drafts, which is very similar in appearance to the battenburg lace. Renaissance cutwork is created by cutting a design on the fabric and the edges of the buttonhole stitching. Cafe curtains can be gathered in the bar or hung flat.

Mounted tuscan curtains frame are created by securing the cotton panels on the top and bottom of the window frame. It is often hung on windows that open because the curtain is kept safe. The cotton has both pockets stitched along the top and bottom hem or a set of tokens. The bar pocket panels are typically grouped in the bar. Resulting in a thin wavy look, while curtain eyelashes are almost always flat.

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