Beautiful Tuscan Valances Style

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Tuscan Valances Design

Tuscan valances – Nature-inspired colors and patterns are a big part of the Tuscan furnishings, and a window coat is an important part of the room to incorporate a Mediterranean style. It is easy to find a window valance that will complement the style, or make some yourself. Tuscan themes center on homemade and rustic. Adding touches like shiny curtain rods and finials will add to the look.

Fabrics Tuscan valances, window treatments are often white cotton, with lace or gauze fittings. If White does not suit your design, select colors that are rich, warm and welcoming, taken from the soil and plant life. Moss greens, ocher and red, golden yellow and all sorts of browns and creams fit in a Tuscan design scheme. Solid colors with textured fabrics, such as lace or crochet, providing an authentic Tuscan feel, but the simple pattern such as a stripe, can highlight several different colors to bring together elements of the room you are decorating. Other patterns based on food, home and family, such as grapevines, checks or fruits and flowers also serves as a Tuscan-themed window fabric choices.

Type’s Tuscan valances, a gown can be as elaborate or as simple as you want; a short bundle on the top of the window, a cafe curtain halfway down the window, or a full-length curtain. Creating easily Tuscan style itself, sew a panel of lace on an existing white cotton gown. Consider the height and style of your window when you select a coat.

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