Beautiful Victorian Chaise Lounge

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Black Victorian Chaise Lounge Model

Victorian chaise lounge – Whether you are seeking to redecorate your home in Victorian style or simply want to incorporate elements from the past into your present decor, it is important to use colors that were commonly used at the time. From rich gold to soft pink, several different colors will work in your decorating to reflect the Victorian era.

Gold was a common accent color in the Victorian chaise lounge, and many home decorating accessories were gold in color. Frames, curtain tassels, lamps and ornaments mirror which is gold in color reflects the time and add a Victorian touch to your home. Mauve is a soft and feminine color that found its way into most aspects of Victorian decorating from wallpaper to furniture. If you want to incorporate mauve your own Victorian color schemes, paint the walls in color or use furniture that has a purple floral print.

Victorian formal rooms often combined deep red with hunter green or gold, and you can use this color in the same way. Rich red carpets or curtains reflect the time period that makes a red fainting sofa or Victorian chaise lounge with green or gold trim. From pale lilac to purple, this color was a stall Victorian home decor. Pale purple walls with varying shades of purple furniture and accents are easily combined for a Victorian-inspired bedroom or living room.

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