Benefits Wood Platform Bed

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Best Style Wood Bed

Wood platform bed is a modern aspect of a contemporary bedroom. The size of a bedroom is a consideration when choosing the type of furniture that will work in the space. Platform beds are a good choice for a smaller bedroom that can seem cluttered with bulky furniture. Platform beds are elegant, close to the floor, and solve many of the problems in a smaller sized room.

Some styles of best platform beds have storage drawers integrated into the bed. The lower section of a platform bed does not have to accommodate a box spring, which leaves the space under the mattress available for drawers. For rooms that do not have large closets available or floor space for an extra chest of drawers. The built in storage provides extra drawers for the bedroom. Blankets and sheets can be stored in drawers or clothes out of season.

A new mattress set can be an expensive item, but all that is required for a platform bed is a mattress. Wooden or metal slats support the mattress instead of a typical box spring. This can reduce the cost of buying a bed and mattress set. The extra money that is normally spent on a box spring to support the mattress can be used for a high quality mattress.

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