Best Ideas Ranch House Makeover

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Ranch Style Homes Remodel Ideas

Ranch house makeover – The elegant, versatile and unpretentious design of the ranch style house defined an era of American architecture, but it has not yet survived its use. When considering renovations in your home, bring this style to the modern era by becoming familiar with its basic design principles. Raise the roof and add cross gables a gable cross adds enough interest for a small ranch but several will break the length of a large ranch. Give rooftop peaks at an angle of 90 degrees or less to resemble the steep roof lines of the Tudor Renaissance. Inside the house, use the extra space to create a large room or second floor rooms.

Exterior with bone brick herringbone with drawings or stucco with half-timbered wood. Apply half-timbers from the ends of the roof of a ranch or from the sheet metal throughout the stucco building and half-timbers. Wood represented the poles and wooden beams used in the construction of English, so the medium woods are applied in a pattern that mimics these wefts. If desired Stone Detail, apply Veneer to each corner and stucco the walls between a romantic cottage look.

Build a round tower to cover the entrance or build a deck with wooden supports using the Tudor arch, a minor, flat version of the Gothic arch. Build the porch and stairs that lead to the stone field gate. Your front door should be massive, wood and contain two or more small and narrow windows in its upper third.

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