Best Tuscan Moroccan Shag Rug

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Awesome Tuscan Moroccan Shag Rug

Tuscan Moroccan shag rug – Although Morocco was not known until the thirteenth century, the art of weaving carpets was common in the region at that time. Berber rugs are tradition since the Paleolithic era and are still being developed in many rural areas of Morocco. Usually, wearing carpets was something luxurious or was related to the practice of rituals. The carpets were used in the palaces and in the sacred places like the tombs.

As far as tradition, Tuscan Moroccan shag rug are also an important item in a bride’s trousseau and therefore can often be offered as a gift at weddings. The art of carpet weaving traditionally comes from the mountain tribes of Morocco and became, in many cases, the livelihood of some communities. In Morocco, carpets are not simple pieces, they are an element that reflects the culture of the country.

The patterns have been repeated for thousands of years and the way of working it is passed from generation to generation. Although there are chemicals to color carpets, many traditional weavers continue to use natural dyes. The colors most used in Tuscan Moroccan shag rug are red, blue, black, green and yellow. When learning to make carpets, not only is it taught how to weave, but also about color scales and decorative motifs to replicate them.

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