Best Wood Paneling Makeover Ideas

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Wood Paneling Makeovers Kitchen Ideas

Wood paneling makeover – You have some options when it comes to changing the wood panels in your house. Changes can be simple to a large amount of work. Going from minor to major part of the work, options include priming and painting the panels, filling the grooves and painting over the wood siding, or removing the wood siding and the placement of drywall. The first option allows the texture of the panels to remain, while the others transform the panel surface into a flat and even wall.

Print and paint the panels, wash the walls. Use sandpaper to soften imperfections in the walls, including nail holes. Be sure to clean the dust created by sanding. Remove the plug plates and switches, tape out the windows, the seat and the roof. Fix the covers to protect the floor. Prepare the walls so that the paint adheres to the panels. Use a brush in the slots; A roller can be used to do the quick work of the elevated part of the panels. The primer can help avoid the use of multiple layers of paint.

Allow the primer to dry completely. Paint the wood siding. Use a brush to get the paint in the slots. A roller can be used in most panels. If the color is not uniform, apply a second layer after the first one has dried. Allow the paint to dry completely before changing the plug covers and switches.

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