Best Wood Toddler Bed Design

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Wooden Bed Rails For Toddlers

Wood toddler bed – Creating a space for a child does not have to be a costly or time consuming experience. There are a variety of simple ways to create a great space for a child, keeping it functional and what is fun at the same time. The main part of any bedroom is the bed, so it starts there with some simple ideas for an easy bed to make for a child.

If your child has a standard bed already, there are some simple ways to create a more fun and themed sleeping space. Add a compensation canopy to the bed, net of gauze for a girl, and surplus military camouflage for a child. Hang it from a hook on the ceiling, bedding and add it matches, like a camouflage quilt, or for a girl, a ruffled duvet and a fluffy skirt. Shaped pillows add to the theme, and you can dress a plain headboard by placing signs or using stamps and painting a craft store to match the theme.

For a small space, a high bed is a great design that adds functionality, space to work and study and even storage. Some simple tools, wooden plans, and easily found are put on their way to creating this great boy’s bed. A high bed incorporates the idea of   a bunk, but uses the lower space of storage shelves, space for a desk or even a children’s play area.

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