Best Wrought Iron Gazebo

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Wrought Iron Gazebo Outdoor Ideas

Wrought iron gazebo – How to choose a garden gazebo? What function will your gazebo serve? Vinyl gazebos are usually the cheapest and also the advantage of being virtually maintenance free. They weigh much less; so many vinyl gazebos are even portable. The main disadvantages are that you might not like the artificial look vinyl, and it will not last as long as wood or metal. Otherwise, it will also be light gray. The disadvantage is of course that it is quite expensive. If you want to paint your gazebo, the best lumber to use is pressure treated pine as it will absorb paint much more easily than either teak or cedar.

Wrought iron gazebos usually have a powder coated aluminum finish. These finishes come in many different colors, so you can have a wrought iron gazebo in almost any shade imaginable. Most steel and aluminum gazebos have a metal frame, but the roof and possibly the sides are made of a weatherproof material.

With so many choices out there, the decision as gazebo to buy is almost overwhelming. But if you follow these steps to determine what is really important, it will be easy to find a wrought iron gazebo that you will cherish for many years!

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