Bohemian Bedroom Furniture And Accessories

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Bohemian Bedroom Furniture – Keep in mind that this style was made known by the Bohemians. Since they have always been people who rejected traditional moral standards and their lifestyle was different. One of its great keys is its hippie, exotic, ethnic and, of course, bohemian appearance. But why so many styles? Well, boho decoration mixes objects of all cultures and styles, hence its casual and casual air.

Many of the furniture included in this style belongs to the vintage style giving a retro look to the style. However, it is worth any type of furniture, as long as it harmonizes with the rest of the elements. We can include a Chesterfield leather sofa: elegant fabric sofa with lots of cushions, with a sturdy wooden coffee table. If we do not want to take risks and prefer to play it safe. There are pieces of furniture that are a sure bet. Such as hardwoods with a worn look, those made of wicker, or wrought iron.

As an accessory, ceramic pieces such as decorative plates, photos or sculptures are also commonly used. They usually hang small details, crochet for example. On the wall or on top of any piece of furniture to get a more bohemian atmosphere. You can include wicker baskets or natural fibers, antique-looking chandeliers, candles to place in any corner, stand-up shelves, bronze trays or ceramic bowls to continue with the boho aesthetic. To dress the walls you can hang dream catchers, precious stones, stacked old books and everything you can think of. Imagination has no limits with this style.

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