Bohemian Bedroom Ideas Of Elements And Color

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How To Create A Boho Living Room

Bohemian Bedroom Ideas – The boho is the decorative style where there are more colors and where they have more visual weight in the decoration of the whole. The colors are very relevant because they are the axis of the decoration. All appear mixed naturally and in any space. The most used colors are vibrant and velvety, generating contrasts between them.

The light is also a key aspect in this style to bounce colors and look brighter. The colors that stand out are fuchsia, purple, orange, yellow mustard, and also, the deep blue. Therefore, the easiest is to opt for soft and natural tones such as white, orange, brown or green and flee from the most complicated colors. Although if we dare, we can also try to introduce strong and garish colors. Other colors that combine perfectly with this style are the colors of stones such as emerald and sapphire.

Textiles are one of the most outstanding elements in this style. They enjoy great prominence in each room. The prints with different motifs give it that special touch that characterizes boho style. Thick rugs, blankets on sofas, cushions, tapestries on the walls, covers, sheets, velvet for upholstering sofas, Moroccan poufs or curtains instead of doors will be key ideas to achieve this style. All this with prints of Arabic, Indian, Moroccan and Asian motifs, will add a plus to the setting.

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