Build Awesome Pergola Gazebo By Yourself

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Pergola Gazebo

Pergola gazebo – Many type of gazebo from traditional until modern, with creativity gazebo be built by you. Before you buy the gazebo, the first you should determine of type the decoration. See the spaces of your garden you will get the dimension of gazebo. And then see your money, are gazebo with your dimension and type you’re choosy of decoration enough?

Probably you choose pergola gazebo. This is type match with traditional decoration. If you are really chosen this design, you must remember that this design didn’t moveable. Before built it should you prepare some materials like hammer, nails, bolts major, trowel, wood or metal, cement, sand and assistants or friends for help in order to finish quickly gazebo.

That’s materials if you want to build pergola gazebo by yourself. Start with cleaning the area for gazebo place. Then make foundation with the dough of sand, cement and water. Don’t forget to put the poles each foundation as base of gazebo. You can use wood or metal, that’s your choice. Let the day of the foundation dries up. The next you can make a placemat for top gazebo’s. Put tiles on the placement you have created. Give curtain or net of the base or decorate by yourself. Explore your creativity.

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