Build Full Size Wood Platform Bed Frame

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Walmart Platform Bed Queen

A full size wood platform bed with drawers under is the answer to the storage solver of any couple who have a tiny bedroom. By adding drawers under the bed, you can store clothes, bedding or other items in the bed frame itself and thus eliminate the need for a separate closet or dresser. This allows you to use less space in a narrow room, making a useful space more open.

Cut two sheets of plywood 3/4 inches to 75 inches long by 17 inches wide with a circular saw. Cut a sheet 54 inches long by 21 inches wide. And, also cut two sheets of plywood 3/4 inch thick to 26 inches by 17 inches. Measure 2 inches along a 75-inch edge of a 75-by-17-inch sheet of plywood, using a ruler, then measure 2 inches up. Attach a 1-inch drill bit to the percussion drill. Punch holes in the corners of each rectangle you just drew.

Screw the other sheet 75 by 17 inches to the opposite edge of the sheet 54 by 26 inches using two L-brackets. One-piece 26 by a 17-inch screw in the bed frame between 75- and 73-inch pieces with two L-brackets for each joint. Screw the other piece to 26 inches on the other side of the bed frame in the same way. Screw the three 54-by-25-inch blades to the top of the bed frame so that the top of the frame is covered.

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