Building Wood Shoes Shelves

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Wood shoes shelves organize your shoes without taking up valuable floor space, which is especially important if you don’t have a lot of space. Building this wooden shelf is a simple, inexpensive project that does not require special tools or advanced knowledge of cabinets. When you have determined the desired length of the shelf, the project itself takes less than two hours.


Wood shoes shelves One measure both one-for-10-inch plank and one-of-4-inch plank to the desired length. Use an angle hook to draw a line across each plank, perpendicular to the edges of the planks. Cut each plank on the line. Measure and mark a line one inch from the long side of one-of-4, along the length of timber. Lay the planks on a flat cutting surface. Loosen the screw that holds the bottom plate on circular saw. Rotate the base to 30 degrees and tighten the screw. Cut the plank.

Use a protractor to draw a triangle on paper, with internal angles measuring 30, 60 and 90 degrees. Cut out the triangle with scissors. Use the paper template to trace two triangles on scrap 1-by-4 planks and cut them with a saw. Wood shoes shelves triangles attach both the shelf plank and the support plank to act as angled shelf brackets. Place one-of-10 plank on a flat surface. Hammer 3 or 4 finishing nails, evenly spaced, through the edge of one-for-4, into one-for-10. Let heads stand out for easy removal later. The nails act as a clamp to hold the irregularly shaped shelf together while the glue dries and the screws are installed.

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