Charm Rustic Concealed Furniture

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Rustic American Concealed Furniture

Rustic concealed furniture – A trend in fashion is to use aged furniture, either by time, or artificially to give a traditional and antique look to the furniture in question. Most often, this furniture is wood. And is covered with either a very soft pastel color paint and very little varnished, or a patina. The patina is actually the color that old furniture paints with time. But the name is now used for these special transparent paints that serve to age the furniture for a vintage effect.

Some furniture, like this set table and chairs for the kitchen or the dining room. They are voluntarily aged during their manufacture. These furniture will install perfectly in an already rustic kitchen or in a modern interior that can benefit from the heat brought by this type of furniture. You can also skate your own furniture!

Another mix of styles very tasteful: the stone in a modern interior, or on the contrary. Keep a stone wall in a modernized rustic interior. For example, if you have a renovation project of an old building, try to keep some rustic elements here. And there to keep the charm and character of the original house. These elements can be part of the furniture, or as we present here, a stone wall.

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