Choosing Bohemian Kitchen Decor

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Image Bohemian Kitchen Decor

Bohemian kitchen decor – When designing your kitchen, there are a variety of styles that can create a warm and inviting look. But if you prefer a rustic feel and Western style interior design can be the ideal fit for your home. With its dependence on natural materials, a western style kitchen has a robust, handmade look that instantly creates a cozy feel.

Walls and floor

For a true bohemian kitchen decor, choose color for your walls carefully. Neutral shades such as tan, brown and cream are ideal because they add warmth but can be paired with a variety of other colors. But if you prefer a bolder look, terracotta, golden yellow or red gives a brighter feel. You can also use colors like marine and forest green, which are cool toned and provide an interesting contrast with warmer tones. To create a robust, log cabin-like feel for western kitchens, wood floors are an ideal option. If you are not a fan of wood floors, clay or stone tiles are another attractive option. Look for red or terracotta tiles if you prefer warm shades, or go with gray stones for a cooler look.


When choosing cabinets for a bohemian kitchen decor, wood is definitely the right way to go. Look for wood that has studs and knots for a sturdy look, such as hickory, al or pine. You can use a warm, red-toned stain, or leave the cabinets with their natural color. For a more colorful look, you can paint the cabinets to match or contrast with your wall color. If you leave your wooden cupboard with a wood finish, add non-functional beams to the ceiling to give the room a log cabin feel.

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