Choosing Dressers With Mirrors

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Rustic Dressers With Mirrors

Dressers with mirrors and both types can work in one room. Adding a mirror has many advantages, however, such as a small room feeling larger and creating an illusion of more light. If you buy an agency or already have one and want to add a mirror for it, there are several factors you should consider before choosing. Not only should you like it, but it should fit well into the room to ensure it works properly both as a decorative and useful piece.


Select the shape of the dressers with mirrors you want before selecting additional features. It should complement the design of the rest of the room, and the agency shape itself. If you use a lot of square or rectangular pieces, use this shape for your mirror. If you use curves and circles, choose a round or oval mirror. Buy a framed mirror to add color to a room. The frame is good for controlling the viewer’s eye, and the color can coordinate with the agency. For a more relaxed feel, choose a mirror without frame.

Measure your dressers with mirrors before you shop and make sure that Dresser is wider than the mirror. You don’t want the mirror sticking out past the edges of the dresser. The mirror should also be shorter than the agency is long. This helps create balance. Use a soft glass for a simple design. If you want a more detailed or catchy design, find a mirror that is divided into segments or has patterns etched in the glass. Colored glass works well even when you are looking for a more decorative than functional piece.

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