Cleaning Patio Umbrellas

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Green Patio Umbrellas

Patio umbrellas – Whether stored outdoors, in a shed, or in your garage, patio umbrellas are usually dirty when you first set them up in the spring. Do not worry-clean a dirty patio umbrella is easier than you think. You will have fun in no time


Open your patio umbrellas and decide if you can remove the fabric from the umbrella. If you can remove the fabric, make it easier for cleaning. Mix a detergent solution of hot water and mild soap, as detergent soap, in a bucket. Wet down umbrella with a hose. Wipe the bar and other hard surfaces down with a cleaning cloth soaked in warm water and detergent. Use a cleaning brush and soapy water to rub dirty areas in the umbrella fabric. Rinse the entire umbrella with a hose. Leave the patio umbrellas to dry completely in the sun before closing or storing it to prevent mold. You can use fabric cleaner on dry umbrella fabric if there are any spots. If your umbrella has persistent mold stains, use a solution mold remover made for fabrics.

Extend the life of your patio umbrellas using an umbrella cover. These covers are made of synthetic materials similar to pool coverings. Buy the lid while buying your patio umbrella, so your product guarantees match and you can start protecting the water from day one. Continue outdoor party using LED lights attached to your patio umbrella. Match the specific shades of patio umbrellas to your current outdoor furniture and house color to make the best choice. An umbrella with a bright red chapel will collide with a wine-red home. Take a photo of your furniture and home exterior for use as you shop for a new umbrella.

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