Connect Office Desk Lamps To The Clamp

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Office desk lamps clamp is adjusted to fit the thickness of a flat surface for holding a lamp in position. The clamps are normally used with adjustable lamps, such as those used for the preparation of work. If the table has to be tilted at an angle towards the user, the clamp keeps the lamp in place on the desk. The clamp connects to the desk with a bolt and a threaded nut in less than five minutes. Special tools are not necessary.

Ideas for connect an office desk lamps to the clamp. Insert the top half of the clamp, which contains the tube to insert the lamp post, into the L-shaped metal bar in the lower half of the clamp. Turn the upper and lower halves of the clamp so that the jagged edges point in the same direction.

Then for connect office desk lamps to the clamp. Place a small piece of soft cloth on the edge of the table, usually near the back edge in a corner, but anywhere convenient for holding the lamp. Slide the clamp over the cloth, which will protect the surface of the desk. Tighten the wing nut on the bottom of the clamp until the clamp is snug against the table. Lower the post at the end of the lamp into the tube at the top of the clamp.

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