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Tuscan Kitchen Curtains Brown

Tuscan kitchen curtains – If you have extra kitchen curtains in your home, decorate your kitchen with them. You can create appliances from the kitchen curtains – such as a tablecloth to match the drapes hanging on your kitchen window. This creates a balanced look of the room. Consider using kitchen curtains, but bold, bright patterns, because it can lead to an overwhelming look. You need no special skills or tools to create a tablecloth that matches your Tuscan kitchen curtains. Depending on your personal crafting skills, allowing an afternoon to create your canvas.


Measure your table with a tape measure. Measure both the width and length of the table. What if you want the screen to fit on the kitchen table full or you want a little extra fabric hanging over the edges of the table. If you want extra fabric, put the amount in your measurements.

Select the Tuscan kitchen curtains in the measurements you took. If you cannot find the kitchen curtains in precise measurement, consider cutting a curtain size or attaching two curtains together. To make a curtain, transfer your measurement to the Tuscan kitchen curtains and cut it with your scissors. To secure the two curtains together, placing the inner seams together and hot glue on the back of the kitchen curtains with a glue gun and glue sticks. Place the curtain cloth on the kitchen table. You may want to use a central and at the kitchen table as an additional decorative items.

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