Decorating A Farmhouse Dresser Ideas

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Ikea Dresser

Decorating an old piece of furniture like farmhouse dresser can be a complicated home improvement project. Because the authentic value of the original piece must be updated to adapt to more modern interior design. Some decorating ideas can transform an old dresser into a contemporary living room showcase. Relics, antique auction furniture, and relics of antique stores have intrinsic value due to the history of the piece. Some careful stains and decorative accessories can bring new life to an old piece of furniture. With a little love, an old decorated dresser can become one of the most prized possessions in the home.

Dye the dresser. Buy a small can of dye from the mahogany wood and a small bottle of brown enamel at a local hardware store. Place of plastic or painter’s cloth under the old dresser. Return to place the rusted and broken hardware. If the old comfortable living room has suffered damage, replace the hardware with simple rustic hand knobs or pulls. Choose a decorative tablecloth or runner from the table at the top of the dresser.

Select a table lamp. A brushed nickel, wrought iron, or metal table lamp can be placed on the left side of the placemat. Add decorative accessories. An old dresser that is decorated to incorporate into a design of the living room has to have an accent surface of the table that draws attention to the piece.

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