Decoration Bohemian Style Living Room

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Great Bohemian Style Living Room

Bohemian style living room decoration is reminiscent of the Victorian era, but includes modern pieces, such as sofas and chairs, for a more relaxed atmosphere.  If you want to decorate your Bohemian style living room, the following tips will help you. Paint the walls with a characteristic color of the Victorian era, such as burnt orange or marigold. Various shades of green will also work. Place a Persian sisal rug or in the center of the living room for a traditional look.

Incorporate a sofa with traditional upholstery and a wing or Queen Anne style chair to create a Victorian look. Make sure your coffee tables and end tables are dark cherry or mahogany. Look for traditional frames and prints and collect lamps with traditional screens. If you want to keep the lamps you already have, replace the shade with a Victorian one.

Decorate your living room with some house plants for a real Bohemian style. Bohemia means good house and that implies the creation of harmony with the earth and all forms of life. Accessorize the coffee tables and finish with old books, figures, a tray, a set of the jug and other vintage items. Make pillows out of the carpet to match the sofa and chair. Place a bouquet of roses or carnations in a vintage vase.

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