Decoration Key For Country Rustic Home

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Rustic Home – Rustic lodges usually have wood, stone floors or tile texture. The plants, as well as other decoration in a rustic room, should look and feel as natural as possible. Therefore, I would not choose a soil with a stain, but a shiny surface with a matte finish. Heat the room with rugs on the hard surface floor, especially if it has an open-room style, where the living room, dining room, and kitchen are combined. The carpets separate the different areas without using walls.

When decorating a rustic country house, the furniture should have the appearance of nature. You can have a large amount of natural or stained wood, but never with a shiny finish. Use pieces such as benches, rocking chairs, and stair-back chairs. Antiques, especially Shaker or early American style, are perfect additions. Paint finishes can be applied to some parts. An easy way to get an old rustic paint application is to choose muted paint and apply it. Then sand the edges of the piece of furniture to age. Follow with a stain on the whole piece. Furniture such as sofas and armchairs should have a textured fabric that feels a little bumpy.

Neutrals and colors of nature dominate in rustic decor. Any color that is seen in nature can be used, but in general, in addition to neutral tones, green, blue and red barn are used. However, do not be afraid to come up with your own color options. Imagine taking your color palette of sunflowers. You could incorporate golds, yellows, greens, browns and tans or blacks for a lovely inspired combination.

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