Design And Ideas Country Bedroom Set

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Vintage Country Bedroom Set

Country bedroom set – One of the most popular design styles today is the French country style. This style is an example of comfort, ease and a casual, refined elegance. Although not overly prim and formal, it is also not too eclectic with confusing styles. French country style is particularly effective in designing a bedroom because it is simple, retaining a touch of elegance.

French country can be described as a kind of light-finished rustic style, using accessories that feature chipped and worn paint, lamenting the appearance. Use cushions in luxurious fabrics such as silk and brocade for a touch of elegance. Shots can be thrown on the backs of chairs and draped over the end of the bed to add a sense of luxury. A soft plush rug can be placed over white hardwood floors for a comfortable touch. Local antique stores and flea markets are excellent resources to find old and used accessories such as lamps, chandeliers and vases.

Choose furniture for your bedroom that feels solid and grounded. Choose any of the two pieces of wood dyed or painted in greens, blues, whites or yellows. These colors help to coordinate the room and inject a feeling of the French country. Remember to keep the pieces rustic, but elegant. Important pieces together with the lighter, more delicate pieces provide a good visual balance in the bedroom. The overall design effect of the French country should incorporate a shabby chic sensation.

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