Design And Ideas Of Rustic Industrial Home Decor

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Famous Rustic Industrial Home Decor

Rustic industrial home decor of your home in rustic western style can vary from small touches of the old west with a recurring cowboy motif, to the best Western-style furniture and decor. Determine the authentic way you want your home decor for the Western home. Then start scanning for the items you need in thrift stores, food stores and modern cowboy-style boutiques.

Western rustic fabrics are all natural, and usually their roots in the cotton industry. Use muslin, flannel or similar fabrics in calico, checkered or plaid patterns for your Western-style decor. The same fabric can be used for bedding, curtains, tablecloths and furniture throws. But to avoid a look that is too busy, chooses one or two of these items to decorate on a bold plaid. And then use the cream or the natural color cotton fabric for the rest.

Heavy wood with low gloss clear varnish is one of the pillars of the rustic western motif. Choose wooden furniture that looks degraded or anguishes you with a kit of firewood, steel wool and similar treatments to artificially age the appearance. Large, rough-cut log bed and sofa frames are like home in a rustic cabin, while simple wooden chairs and tables are good for the kitchen and dining areas. If you have real wood panels in your house, do not paint it. If not, go for a whitish color that provides a neutral background for your other decoration.

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