Design Ideas For A Queen Size Bed

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Latest Queen Size Bed

Choosing the right design for a queen size bed starts with the purchase of the bed. That type of bed design should work with all the other design elements in the bedroom. And also meets the functional needs of the bed owner. For example, you can buy a wooden queen size bed that matches all the other wooden furniture in the bedroom.

Japanese Futon

The queen size Japanese futon mattress uses the concept of a platform bed to a whole new level. A queen size bed there is only one futon on the floor is a lower initial investment. And you can store futon in a wardrobe during the day- a perfect solution for a small home.


Are you looking for a design idea that uses dark solid wood? The sleigh bed is such a design. And it suits queen size bed mattress. A traditional sleigh bed has a vaulted headboard and foot pit similar to the construction of a horse-drawn sled. The base of the bed is made of wooden beams. Match wooden sled bed to other wooden pieces in the bedroom. To complete put a low chest, box or bonfire at the base of the bed.

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