Directions To Install Wood Picket Fence Panels

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Privacy Cedar Fence Pickets

Wood picket fence panels can provide security and privacy for a garden or yard. Whether you need to keep garden pests outside or children and pets inside, a wood fence makes an effective barrier. Fences a garden or yard can be a daunting and many choose to hire fencing contractors, especially for unusually shaped gardens or large plots.


Measure around the edge of the garden with a known length rope or a laser action. Write down the dimensions of a piece of paper so that you can refer to them when you buy the goods. Hammer wood or metal sticks in the ground around the edge of the yard of the garden to make out the row of fence. Use this as a guide when erecting the fence. Dig holes for fence posts with a post-hole digger or regular garden shovel. First dig holes in each corner of the plot and then along the course of the fence at the required intervals.

Slide each fence post into the hole and, if necessary, run it with a lollipop. Secure fence post by pouring ready-mixed concrete into the hole around the post, almost up to ground level.  Attach the close boards or fence panels between the posts. For close boards, you must first connect two horizontal lengths of 2×4 between each fence post; nail the bottom 2×4  to posts about 1 foot from the bottom and the top 2×4  about 1 foot from the top.

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