DIY Brick Of BBQ Grill Gazebo

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Awesome BBQ Grill Gazebo

BBQ grill gazebo – When designing your Pergola design, you can make any kind of barbecue, to make it blend with the interiors of the pavilions. The easiest way to brick BBQ and for this we must refractory bricks for paving, vowel corresponding color brick and prepare roofing. Also you must do board for form works (no edge), cutting board for worktops, solution, metal tube of 15 cm diameter,  don’t forget about sheet metal to cover the cutting table and the last BBQ grill.

Let’s do this project, how to brick the BBQ grill gazebo! The first, initially you need to lay the foundation and after hardening (It takes at least three days) start building the walls. On the basis you can sort of roofing as you want, roofing and installation of the wall half-width. When you are about 5 rows of bricks, then click the top of the brick, you need the charcoal pan, and then put bricks in the two some. And then the important steps, install the grill for barbecue and sink. Next post bow for gazebos and necessarily protective walls on all sides. The minimum height of a brick BBQ grill gazebo must be from 10 stones from the ground level.

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