DIY Build Wooden Barrel Coffee Table

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Beer Barrel Table

The recycling of wooden barrel coffee table saves money and is good for the environment. The wood would be lost if you did not use the wine barrel when you finished with it. The average oak barrel lasts only about three years, and after that, it can no longer be used for new wine. But there are other things you can do with your wine barrel – create a garden, make a table and chairs and use it to water your garden.

Clean your barrel of old wine by filling it with water for about a week to clean any residue of wine. Empty the barrel and let it dry. Cut the wine barrel in half with a vertical saw or take it to a hardware store so that it was cut in half for you. Turn half of the barrel on the open side down to decorate a garden.

Turn a half barrel again with the open side up and put a small inner garden. Use the entire barrel as a small coffee table. Cut the barrel in half horizontally, then cut four arches on the bottom of the cutting cylinder to create the legs and leave the top halfway down. Now he has a coffee table.

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