DIY Ideas For The Floating Dresser

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Wall Mounted Dresser

Floating Dresser – Take the drawers of an old dresser and put them on your wall. It may sound crazy, but you can make a creative statement with floating caissons. Floating drawers are a capricious twist on floating shelves. You can store items in them or use them to display your favorite decorations. Give the drawers a new coat of paint in a color accent for the room. Mount the drawers on the wall with the background color against the wall.

Place the recycled boxes with the work surface. Sand the surface of each box lightly with a fine grain to sand in the same direction as the grain of the wood. Clean the sanding dust with an antistatic cloth. Brush a layer of primer even in each drawer with a brush. Let the base layer to dry for at least four hours. Paint the drawers with two coats of paint even using a brush. Let the paint to evaporate for at least four hours in coats. Let the last layer dry for 24 hours.

Slide a study finder through the wall where you will mount the drawers. Mark each location of the feet on the wall at the desired height for the floating drawers with a pencil. Center each drawer between two wall studs with the bottom of the drawer flat against the wall. Orient the front of the drawer on the top, bottom or sides depending on your aesthetic preference.

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