DIY Outdoor Gazebo Tent For Wedding

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Outdoor Gazebo Tent Photos

Outdoor gazebo tent Tent ceilings, interior decorated with hanging parts of the substance are a simple but elegant decoration that you can do yourself. If you like the look of an outdoor tent wedding but worry about the rain, heat, cold or swarms of insects, is an indoor wedding decorated with a tent ceiling compromise.

Choose your fabric. Consider your needs. You’ll be hanging fabric for long parts from a central point outward to mimic the look of a outdoor gazebo tent. Ask your venue about their rules for hanging or display items. Nail or screw-in S-shaped hooks is one of the easiest methods for hanging fabrics. Install at a corner length of fabric in a circle around the center of the ceiling. Secure one end of the fabric to the hook.

Use a tape measure and pencil to mark points for each hook you want to install in a number of large concentric circles around the center. Install hooks when you have finished measuring and marking, and continue to secure your fabric to the hooks, so that each length of fabric radiates outward from the center. Give fabric to hang down in parts from the ceiling. DIY outdoor gazebo tent for wedding was finished.

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