DIY Wood Storage Bed Queen

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Grey Queen Storage Bed Nice Design

Wood storage bed queen are very useful if you are short on space, but have a lot of things around the room in need of a suitable home. Do it yourself storage beds can be very simple, and it does not have to involve a lot of complex carpentry or joinery. By reusing the storage cubicles on a bed base, you can create a minimalist style storage bed that is very functional.

Place two 80-inch-long units by 20 inches wide and high cubicle storage flat on the floor, with the cubicles facing out and the back of the cubicle units facing each other. Place two 20 by 20 cubes of storage in inches between each end of the cubicle units, forming a rectangle that is 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. There will be an empty space inside the rectangle, which later have support boards fixed through it.

Glue a 5-inch long piece of wood 1 by 2 to the top and bottom of the back face of each cubicle that rests on a storage bucket. These are expansion studs. Attach an anchor bolt to the top and bottom of the sides of the storage cubes, reflecting the position of the anchors inside the cubicles. It should not be 16 anchors in total.

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