Do You Have Questions About Shower Faucet

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Shower faucet – To make our task as safe as possible it is necessary that we close the water stopcock. Using a wrench we unscrew the nuts of the faucet. When we have achieved our goal we will have to take out the supplementary filters. Then it will be time to clean the filters. For this we put them in a container with vinegar to review them in depth with the help of a nail brush.

Once we appreciate that the nuts have been sufficiently clean, we proceed to put them in their place. In a similar way we will have to act next with the shower faucet. We will have to tighten with the spanner the nuts so that they are well fixed. The maintenance of these taps has not yet finished.

To complete the set-up we will put a water reducer with anti-return valve between the faucet and the flexible tube. It will not cause us any problems because both its installation and maintenance is done in a simple way. Thanks to this device, we will be able to stabilize the shower faucet water flow at nine liters per minute, regardless of the flow of the network or the pressure.

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