Easy Decorate Glass Coffee Table

Author: markayi | Categories: Table comments
New Glass Coffee Table

Glass coffee table offer interesting opportunities for decoration. As a glass table is transparent, it can be decorated below as well as above the table. Incorporate a glass table in every room of your house, and emphasize the visibility it offers when planning the design of your decor.

Some round glass coffee table contain a small section of the rounded platform below the center of the glass in the frame. Use this area to place a small bouquet of flowers live, visible from above the table, or weave strands of a live ivy plant inside the platform and around the legs of the table. For tables without a shelf, artificial wind vines or flowers up the legs of the table, and the ribbon of flowers to the bottom of the tabletop with the flowers on one side.

Instead of hiding the glass board with a linen cloth, dress it to a kitchen table by placing a crisscrossing of the festive ribbons on it with the plates contained between the ribbons. Or decorate glass coffee tablewith rose petals, green park stands and a couple of candles. A glass coffee table between two chairs can contain a collection of glass items, such as a glass chess set or a pair of glass figures, while a glass coffee table can contain a small glass urn containing a collection of shells.

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