Easy Ways To Modernize A Five Drawer Dresser

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Five Drawer Dresser Knob

Not convenient to modernize a five drawer dresser? With the following this ideas, no more excuse for not giving a boost to this practical and solid furniture, thanks to its storage drawers. The drawers and feet of the dressers were long worked, carved more or less delicately to give a stamp to this piece of furniture. And today it is these same sculptures that give it an obsolete look. Color and decorative effects such as patina, shabby effect or vein effect will create volume and life for these details darkened by time.

If you have more than a few bottoms of paint cans, scratches can represent an economical and original way to repaint a dresser. The harmonies of colors bring a lot of poetry and femininity to a piece of furniture. To know how to make a shades of colors, see our article on color combinations.

The tray (the top of the cabinet) is often used to put the objects that are then stored inside the dresser. It is also possible to put any kind of decoration, lamps, and frames or mirror that end up over time by damaging this surface. So, to give a contemporary look to your furniture, why not simply decirculate the tray without repainting it like the rest of the dresser? And if it is too damaged, take the part of polished concrete. A raw material that has the wind in its sails.

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