Elegant Look French Country Bedroom Set

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Canopy French Country Bed

French country bedroom set – Country French is defined by its elegant look, with a touch of nature and land mixed in. It often has flowers, gilt edges, and antiques, blue and yellow and distressed finishes. You don’t have to hire an interior designer or spend a lot of money to get a French country look in your home. Gold plated edges are a common theme in French country decor. But you have to choose furniture and accessories for gilding very carefully as opposed to arbitrary gilding everything.

You do not want to give a room in your house a Vegas casino effect. For example, you can paint the edges of an antique bed with gold paint, or the frame of a painting or mirror. Other small additions such as a lace tablecloth or rich, elegant curtains with ornaments or tassels on the edges will give a room a certain amount of wealth. Paint white walls a warm yellow to help increase provincial setting.

Slightly distressed furniture helps create an appropriate contrast to the gilt-edged furniture, giving a special place a true rural feel. You can easily create distressed furniture in the home by painting wooden furniture, letting it dry, and then painting a layer of crackle finish over it.

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